Create Your Own Path

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To be true to the roots of skateboarding, you have to know and appreciate DIY (“Doing It Yourself”). The first skateboards were made with planks of wood and rollerskating wheels by surfers on the west coast who wanted to bring their no-how on the waves to the pavement. Before the creation of parks the ramps were made out of signs, and today we at Path honor the spirit of “Doing It Yourself” with a new shop-line of tees that’s made by us & accented with our own personal touches. Another thing we believe in is choosing organic raw materials whenever possible. We are proud to say that these new tees check off the boxes of DIY and sustainably sourced. Our tees are made from organic cotton grown in Texas and are sewn in the USA.

Once we had our tees dialed in it was time to put our “hands on” finishing touches on the shirts. We opted to shibori dye a handful of the natural cotton tees in several unique styles. This is an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that uses natural indigo dye to bring vivid color whatever you soak in it. We made an afternoon out of dyeing these tees in several different patterns, so that each tee is unique. We screen-printed these in house using water based ink with the help of absolute legends Jonathan Holder and Eli Mathis of B Unlimted in Fayetteville. Once we had the shirts dyed, printed, and dried it was time to put in one final step ;) We decided it would be a super cool look to shoot a handful of the shirts with shotguns (plus who doesn’t want a little ventilation while skating in this summer heat? We had a blast making these and hope you guys have a blast wearing them. Check out the photos below to see some of the process.

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